Mealworms - a treat for your flock

Chickens love insects and mealworms!

Mealworms make an excellent healthy and tasty supplementary addition to the diet of your backyard flock when they need a little extra proteins and fats. Your chickens will snatch them out of your fingers when they realize what you have got for them!

Ducks, turkeys, pheasants and guinea fowls are all poultry types that actively hunt insects. You can feed them mealworms too!

Mealworms are a natural food for birds

Spice up your bird feeding routine with mealworms!

Mealworms for birds are incredibly popular. Add dried mealworms to your seeds in your bird feeder and watch for new bird species visiting your backyard. Mealworms are a natural food for birds and they provide a nutritious balance of proteins and fats to promote bird health. Their nutritional value, coupled with the number of bird species that feed on them, makes them an excellent food supplement to add to your feeder. Then sit back and watch the birds come flocking!  

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