Mealworm frass is really mealworm poop. It contains all the regular nutrients you would expect from good manure and is being studied as a potential organic replacement for toxic pesticides. In other words, mealworm frass is ideal to use for your flowers beds, plants, vegetables or lawn care. It stimulates plants growth in an environmentally friendly way. It’s very easy to use. For instance, you can mix 225ml mealworm  frass with 20 liters of soil and use it as potting soil. You can also easily sprinkle it on the topsoil of your garden plants and leave it to rain water to dissipate it to the roots of your plants. Similarly, mix 50ml into 4 liters of water to make some mealworm compost tea to water your plants and vegetables.  If you are looking to add a natural sustainable product to your garden and potting mix, mealworm frass is the solution you need. Links to two interesting articles are provided at the bottom of this page.

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Mealworm frass

Mealworm compost is a natural fertilizer

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Mealworm frass as a fertilizer: impact on crop growth and soil properties

Frass is a rich soil additive and is all natural. This leftover product from mealworms has beneficial amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus and is easy to work into soil. Along with nutrients, insect frass contains chitin. This is an important component for keeping plant cell walls strong. These stronger cell walls help plants fend off pests and disease. It also seems to make the plant resistant to powdery mildew and certain root rots. Frass improves biomass and stimulates soil microbial activity. In natural conditions, it is well known that frass deposition to soil has a great impact on soil fertility due to being rich in essential nutrients. You can read more on a scientific report published in March 2020 on the Potential use of mealworm frass as a fertilizer and also an article on how Insect poop can be used to make sustainable fertilizer .

Mealworm frass is powdery and dry. It could have a shelf life of over a year if stored in a cool and dry location. Seal packaging between uses and store out of direct sunlight.


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