Sunshine Bites Blend contains a fusion of dried mealworms and black oil sunflower seeds providing a gourmet experience to birds. The high proteins and fats of these foods help wild birds survive harsh winter conditions. Dried mealworms contain approximately 53% protein, 28% fat, 6% fiber, and 5% moisture. They are an attractive food to offer to your backyard birds because they replicate a natural diet. Black oil sunflower seeds are very popular with many types of birds. They also provide a healthy natural source of food with approximately 40% fat, 16% protein, and 20% carbohydrates.

Helping to meet the nutritional needs of birds is not only beneficial to them during winter when natural seed sources are not available and insects are hard to find. It is also very rewarding for us to watch them visit our bird feeders all year.

Free delivery in Orleans and Rockland and in some areas of Ottawa and Gatineau when you purchase more than 1 kg.

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