At INSECTCIBUS we only sell mealworms 100% farmed, processed and packaged in Canada. Add dried mealworms to your bird feed and watch for new birds species visiting your backyard. Mealworms are a natural food for birds. They provide a nutritious balance of proteins and fats to promote bird health. The nutritional value of dried mealworms and the number of bird species that feed on them, makes them an excellent option to increase the visits to your bird feeder. Many birds eat insects as a natural part of their diet, so feeding mealworms is a natural thing to do. You will enjoy watching birds such as chickadees, bluebirds, cardinals, nuthatches, woodpeckers, robins, and others devour these mouth-watering treats. Add some dried mealworms to your bird feed then sit back and watch the birds come flocking!

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Dried mealworms are a natural food for birds

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Bird feed like dried mealworms is incredibly popular for birds. Bird watching, also known as birding, is an enormously popular hobby in Canada, it seems to grow every day. See Many people feed birds because they believe they are helping their feathered friends. Studies have shown wild birds that have access to supplemental food sources tend to fare better than birds that don’t have additional nutrients in their regular diet. 

Storage and re-hydrating dried mealworms

We recommend keeping dried mealworms in a place that is dry and cool but out of sunlight. Refrigerating or freezing can cause moisture to collect inside the container and may lead to mold growth. Some people prefer to re-hydrate dried mealworms before feeding them to their pets or backyard birds. You can rehydrate them but you don’t have to. To rehydrate them you only need to let them soak in warm water for half an hour or until you notice that they have swell in size. Soaking them in warm water for half an hour before you offer them out is an ideal way to give your garden birds some extra hydration.


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